Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to understand more about us. The primary aim of this website is to provide accessible and comprehensive information to everyone interested in solar technologies, systems, and products. As a tech enthusiast, my collection includes an array of gadgets, among which some are solar-powered, such as garden lights and a solar power bank. However, the crowning glory of my investments is a whole-home solar system.

While I was exploring options for an off-grid solar system for my home, I found navigating through the internet to be quite a challenge. Understanding what to look for and how to select a solar system that fits my needs and budget required extensive online research. I had to understand everything from calculating the solar potential in my area to identifying the best solar panel and battery system. After a few strenuous months, I was able to invest in a well-suited 1kW solar system for my home, which cost me close to two thousand dollars. It has since proved to be one of my most prudent investments. This journey enriched me with valuable knowledge that I am eager to share with you, and it has served as the impetus for creating SolarStory.com.

In the future, this site will be home to a multitude of articles. Some of them will serve as guides, while others will focus on various products. We are also in the process of developing several solar tools. My background in data science and software engineering, coupled with a Master’s degree from Arizona State University, USA, equips me well to design user-friendly solar calculators and other tools that will ease your journey into solar energy.

Thank you for joining me on this solar exploration!


Ninad Maneghatta